There are limitless opportunities for training for anyone who has a heart and a vision to uplift people who have had no life orientation, training, skills development nor any opportunities to learn and gain knowledge.

Below is our specialist, Tudy Galloway instructing the children on the cultivation of vegetables using vermiculture. It has been absolutely fascinating to see these vegetables shoot up in a few weeks from soil which as she puts it is "good for nothing" and has "nothing good" in it. The results have been amazing and the children are so excited.

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Mothers need basic health and hygiene education.
Assistance is required in the Day Care Centres regarding basic child care, pre school activities, music awareness
Sports and ball coordination
Art and Culture involvement
Income generating projects
Safety and Community Awareness

Here are ladies from Cornerstone encouraging local mothers with the basic care and hygiene in child minding.


The sky is the limit. The people are plenty. And the opportunities are endless!!


Education and information through Drama and skits has been most impacting.

Below, the Life Team from Cornerstone enacts a scene where bondage through

alcohol, drugs and all excesses is covered.


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