We would be very grateful for your prayer support, your support in kind (especially food donations) and your financial support.  We do get some food donations so even a small amount would go a long way to completing the grocery list.   No donation is too small !  $10 USD or £10 goes a long way in South Africa !!   Thank you for considering supporting us.   


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Non Profit Organisation: SILETHOKUHLE CRECHE, NPO No: 053-012-NPO Dept of Social Welfare No: 10/1/7/3/1/1/1881

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We produce poultry products and weekly we sell to Commercial outlets.  All income goes to supporting the Orphanage and Day Care Centers.

We want to break dependancy and improve sustainablity which radically creates capacity with personal dignity.  Our missions is to develop a center where skills training in many areas is offered so the Kingdom can spread outwards to the many impoverished areas in Southern Africa.



There are loads of different ways of getting involved with the ministry to the poor as God has commanded us to do. We are reminded of the angel's answer to Cornelius: "Your prayers and gifts to the poor have come up as a memorial offering before God." First and foremost there are the day to day duties of food collections and delivery to the Day Care Centers, overseeing the cleanliness and maintenance of the establishments, and generally keeping an eye on all aspects as would be necessary to maintain well run and properly functioning Centers. It is our dream that many people - especially local people - will get involved with any of our 4 Centers with the simple view to keeping an eye on daily activities of cleaning, resourcing, and caring in these very needy centers. There are always items to be sorted and transferred to their designated destination, and with many people involved these chores can be conducted with relative ease. Please get in touch and we can discuss your community involvement as it would best suit you. Even 67 minutes per annum would be most welcome!


There are limitless opportunities for training for anyone who has a heart and a vision to uplift people who have had no life orientation, training, skills development nor any opportunities to learn and gain knowledge.

Below is our specialist, Tudy Galloway instructing the children on the cultivation of vegetables using vermiculture. It has been absolutely fascinating to see these vegetables shoot up in a few weeks from soil which as she puts it is "good for nothing" and has "nothing good" in it. The results have been amazing and the children are so excited.

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