We are committed to supporting the vulnerable people in our community :

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those who are in prison, the orphans, the widows the sick the hungry the depressed and the homeless. It is easy to think that this is the responsibility of the government ! The government is not anointed to take care of the poor. We are. We tried to apply for a registration for Government subsidies for the Children's Home and we were declined. There is no facility in the South African Department of Social Welfare to register Orphanages. But we believe that it is the responsibility of the Churches and Christians to care for orphans and vulnerable people. We have seen first hand what the attitude is at the Government Departments and what the consequences are of those attitudes : hunger, poverty, lack, and thousands of man hours wasted with filling in forms which don't get processed. We are reminded of the correlation between  the levels of corruption in a country and the prevalence of poverty.   The higher the incidence of corruption, the more the poor suffer.  Sadly South Africa does not escape this statistic.

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The core issues we focus on are: caring, nutrition, and education and building self confidence. At Lakithi Children's home our children live in the Church House.   We don't have the faith to raise and care for children outside of the faith.  Humanistic and carnal methods would not work for us.  We rely totally on Gods power and authority to care for these children.   They are an integral part of our Church and enjoy participating in every aspect and vision of the Church : Sunday School, outreaches, education, skills development projects etc.  We depend on God totally to give us wisdom and  to redirect our focus and allow Him to supply our needs without adding sorrow !

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As Christians we are anointed to outreach to those in need around us and while we do this God supplies.   Currently we support 11 children costing us R1500-00 per child per month. This covers their food, education, clothing, transport, and school outings. We invite you to join us in making the difference. Our Creches - Silethokuhle and Zwelisha Creche ARE registered Non Profit Organizations and all financial transactions are professionally audited. Donations Tax Certificates are provided.

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