This year has ushered in the long awaited opening of Edwaleni Bible College which kicked off with 30 candidates in May 2017. We are extremely delighted as this is an indication that we have a community of believers within Edwaleni Church who are serious about their Christian commitment and want to take their faith onto the next level. 

These First Year Students will study topics such as Salvation, Eternal Life, Relationship with God, Grace Alone, Baptism and the Holy Spirit. We have based our curriculum on the Discipleship Evangelism Course from Andrew Wommacks Charis Bible College, which we have modified and translated to cater for the Zulu people and their cultural norms.

But my my what opposition on the first day! We had electricity outages, then the generator for the Mobile Tower kicked in and drowned out our voices, the printed material which we prepared was incorrect, the tables were filthy dirty and on and on it went ! It was beyond ridiculous but the worse it got the more we realized that we are onto an extremely significant chapter in the life of Edwaleni Church. And all praise and glory be to God because this is exactly what EBC is unfolding to be.

What pride and joy they display as they arrive on time, equipped with their files and stationery and ready to start the course with tests from previous lessons. So far they have done extremely well. What has been amazing is how God has even enabled us to even accommodate illiterate students. They often find it easier to commit scripture to memory and we ask the same questions as on the written test. They also come out tops in their results.



Once we have progressed to Year Two and Year Three we are planning open a Joseph Business School and move these candidates through the JBS. This we will do with the help of friends from Bill Winston Ministries Africa.

We are extremely grateful to those family members and friends who have enabled us to open the Edwaleni Bible College - their monthly financial contributions have made it possible to purchase some essentials and also we will prepare a Graduation Ceremony with Graduation attire and simple festivities. Our students are extremely excited for this. Its going to be epic. Watch and see.!!

Zulu’s for Jesus – yay Lord

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